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Pilot school in Avila


• Tecnam Sierra 2002
• Tecnam P92 Echo
• Mistral Std

• To rent a plane of de School
• To share a plane with others
• We advise you on buying the most appropriate aircraft

• Initiation couse
• Pilot license course ULM
• Introduction course for mountain flights
• Advanced and refresher courses
• Course for Private Pilot License PPL
• ULM Instructor course

o Introduction flights or air baptism

o 2 AIRSTRIPS: 01/19 (800m) and 06/24 (500m)
o 3 Collective hangars
o 6 Individual hangars
o Fuel station
o Guest houses in the airfield
o Club House and restaurant

Pilot school - Madrid - AEROTRAINING

Aerotraining Flight School offers you an innovating teaching method to earn your ULM ultralight pilot’s licence. It is an ambitious programme, equivalent in content and standards to that a Private Pilot.
Aerotraining is an aeronautic training company based in Madrid, with 15 years teaching experience. Our ULM pilot training courses for ultralight aircraft are developed with an attractive and imaginative methodology.
75% of the practical classes are carried out in the comfort of your own house through interactive media, multimedia and audiovisual media, accompanied by online self-evaluations and with the support of your instructor, including videoconferences and classes given in our teaching centre in Madrid. Our students have highly realistic simulators at their disposition to complement the repetitive training and simulate emergency situations.
Aerotraining has a flying club in Avila where you can share experiences, train, hire aircraft with other members, take part in different routes...
Our school has a social centre with restaurant, hangers, rural apartments...
In Aerotraining you can make your dream of learning to fly come true, or even make of it a career  with a future.

C/ Andrés Obispo, 37. Planta 4ª Izquierda - 28043 Madrid.
- Campo de Vuelo: AEROAVILA - Aeródromo del valle Amblés - Termino municipal de Salobral, en carretera de tierra desde el Fresno a Niharra, Km 2. 05197 El Fresno - Ávila.
91 759 47 10
Mobile phone
671 08 33 32
Privacy policy

ENPrivacy policy

In pursuance of the terms of the Organic Law 15/1999 about the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the data you provide through this form will be included in a file owned by ADVANCED POWER TECNOLOGIES - AEROAVILA (JEPSSEN) and will be used EXCLUSIVELY for the purpose of sending you the information you have requested. In consequence, your data will not be stored or used for any other purposes, neither will it be disclosed to third parties far from ADVANCED POWER TECNOLOGIES - AEROAVILA (JEPSSEN). You can exercise your right to review your access, do corrections or cancellations or lodge objection by sending an e-mail to info@aerotraining.es along with a copy of the corresponding document proving your identity, at any time.